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Monday, November 26, 2012

BFA "Bring Ya Lunch" ART TEST #1

Splatter Piece Test #1
       I've been trying to achieve a desired splatter effect, where the ink doesn't adhere to certain surfaces of the piece. Imagine a how a stencil works, but instead of spray paint and a stencil the effect will be achieve though ink being thrown and applied to the surface through various techniques (water balloons, maybe water guns) and will only stick to certain surfaces. This should eventually reveal the desired design.
         First I filled balloons with 3 droplets of colored ink and filled them with water for about one second. I created about 10-15 different colored balloons. I primed the wooden surface with white primer and sectioned off certain areas to see if certain resist techniques ( tape, duck tape, and clear gloss) The clear gloss techniques did work fairly well, but the ink didn't adhere in the desired manner. It was just too fate in color. Multiple colors were applied via throwing water balloon at the surface, and only a faint yellow orange color remained.

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