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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JAPR concept

This show is a venue that articulates how people propitiate an image of how they want to be perceived

work in progress: Erudition

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


University of Merjersey

In a nut shell the show will consist of up to 6-10 images. With each image conveying a lie based on the "student's" depiction of his actions, and his Parent's belief of the lie is the appropriation of the original action(picture)

-->Each image of the "students" will be accompanied by a letter back home to mom and dad. Along side the letter will also be a audio recording of the "student" reading the letter.

--> Each finished piece will be focused around one "student"

--> Each student will go to the same school and even though each students' story isn't directly related to each other, they create a setting in which they all evoke the same meaning of a clear distortion. This distortion is of reality(picture) where the truth is still present even after the lie aka appropriation

--> These appropriations will consist of different cartoonish overlays that cover up certain area of the photo and also create new emphasis in other areas

--> Imagine this image, but instead of the subjects in it just hanging out drinking, they'll have cartoonish telescopes and notebooks appropriating the image's original context
--> The audio recording/letter back home writes about how they had an oceanography field trip to the nearby lake. This gives the appropriation context

-->The audio tour along side each appropriated image will help cement each image's satirical nature

--> This satire/humor is key